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Level Up AuthZ for Modern Applications

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Hear From Industry Experts

Tim Hinrichs
CTO & co-founder

Torin Sandall
VP of Open Source &
OPA co-founder

Jocelyn Byrne Houle
Capital One Ventures
Operating Partner

Cloud Native Requires a New Look
at Authorization

Make real progress as you move to cloud native. The applications you build and the infrastructure they run on make authorization a more complex challenge than static, legacy technologies can handle.

Authorization as a Service for Developers First

Cloud native environments are complex and comprise orders of magnitude more application and infrastructure components that interact with one another, compared to traditional application environments. That translates to trillions of access possibilities that are only given to the people who need them.

Authorization and access controls need to be agile and responsive to changes throughout the tech stack and business requirements. The best approach to authorization, a policy-as-code methodology that decouples policy logic.

Hear from Tim Hinrichs, Styra co-founder and CTO and OPA co-founder, Torin Sandall who pioneered Policy as Code with the development of Open Policy Agent before donating it to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

Join us to learn from industry experts who will discuss:

  • Who in the enterprise should own authorization and how it’s best implemented and managed across key stakeholders
  • Why policy-as-code based application authorization is best for product teams, developer productivity and platform teams
  • Styra Run, an innovative turn-key authorization system designed for developers and built for SaaS

Special Feature Event
Styra Appy Hour Live Q&A

Join a live AMA session with Torin Sandall, VP of Open Source at Styra as he answers core questions regarding best practices for turnkey SaaS authorization with Styra Run, as well as general questions about OPA as a means of standardizing policy throughout the cloud native technology stack.

Time: 4:00 p.m. EDT
Date: September 15th, 2022
Location: Twitter: @styrainc

Authorization Foundations From our Experts

OPA: A Policy-as-Code Approach

  • Learn how to get started with a policy-as-code approach to authorization
  • Understand how to manage, automate and distribute policy as code across clusters, clouds and teams
  • Get tips on increasing application reliability with policy-based traffic management

Sean Roth
Director of Product Marketing

Greg Brown
Solutions Architect

AuthZ Policy Lifecycle Best Practices

  • Learn OPA basics and how to standardize policy creation across microservices, service meshes, and gateways
  • Understand the different phases of the policy lifecycle and how to use policy lifecycle management can scale updates, and compliance checks
  • See how policy modifications can be tested prior to implementing them

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Level Up AuthZ for Modern Applications

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