Infrastructure Authorization

Guardrails for public clouds, Kubernetes and Terraform so your dev teams can work uninterrupted.

Permissions Across 
Platforms and APIs

Complexity grows quickly as teams migrate to the cloud, adopt Kubernetes and ultimately have thousands of resources with hundreds of configuration options to manage.  While public clouds offer authorization for their environments, they are not able to extend uniformly across other public clouds, or platforms where development teams navigate. 

Traditional access control measures are not enough with the added complexity in these environments. Role-based access control (RBAC), and even Attribute-based access control (ABAC), cannot provide the granular access needed.

Automate Guardrails For Your Infrastructure

Benefits Across the Stack

Security Without
Blocking Devs

Enforce security, compliance, operational rules and regulations while enabling dev teams.

Automate Guardrails

Accelerate how teams test, deploy and migrate applications to the cloud.

Works With Your Toolset

Use with public clouds through Terraform, Kubernetes, CI/CD pipelines and more.

Turnkey OPA Admission Control Policy

Take advantage of policy lifecycle management capabilities purpose-built for Kubernetes.  Streamline the process of authoring, deploying and managing policy governing infrastructure provisioning, cluster and pod access to keep your environment secure.

Policy Guardrails for Cloud Configurations with Terraform

A single tool to automate turnkey and custom policy guardrail enforcement across public clouds when using Terraform infrastructure-as-code configurations.

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