Authorization for Cloud Configuration

Extend automated policy guardrails across public cloud configurations including AWS, GCP and Azure.

Manage OPA for Terraform

Terraform allows you to describe a plan for your infrastructure – declare the infrastructure resources you want, where they’re located, and Terraform takes care of the rest. 

Working in tandem, Styra DAS for Terraform is the fastest way to operationalize Open Policy Agent policy guardrails across all levels of your modern cloud platform.

Manage Policy for Cloud Configuration with Styra DAS

Manage Policy for Cloud Configuration

  • Unified Control Plane: Devs no longer have to manage multiple security tools or rely on best-effort manual processes.
  • Increased Collaboration: Eliminate policy silos with a single platform for cross-team collaboration.
  • Enhanced Observability: Visualize the results of policy decisions and compliance violations with real-time and historical records, so that you can resolve issues in a fraction of the time.
How does terraform work with OPA

Command A Single Control Plane for Terraform

  • Get Started Quick: Use pre-built compliance and security policy packs out of the box.
  • Scale OPA for your Enterprise: Deploy, manage and monitor OPA at scale – OPA can grow as your infrastructure does.
  • Ensure Uniformity: Make sure every new resource is deployed with the appropriate organization tags and labels.

See how Terraform can work with OPA to help protect your Terraform-built systems.

Policy as code enforcement and validation

Enforce Policy Before the Point of Change

  • Maximize Scalability: Break free from the limitations of Terraform, distributing capability to all devs using Terraform Cloud with Styra DAS
  • Centralize Observation: With a central review of all Terraform activity, authorization issues are easily solved
  • Increased Efficiency: By centralizing control and distributing capability, enterprises move faster than ever

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