Cloud-native Entitlements

Accelerate cloud migration with context-rich entitlements using original data sources.

Bridge the Gap Between IAM and App Teams

When organizations build modern applications or migrate to the cloud, they face entitlement systems that impede the process. Cloud-native entitlement capabilities must allow Identity and Access Management (IAM) teams to take advantage of existing data sources while adding context-rich cloud-native authorization.

Speed up application launch by streamlining Application Development Process

Streamline Your Application Development Process

Decouple rules, regulations and policies from an application and use existing data sources to speed up the time it takes to launch applications.

How to connect IAM data sources with new cloud-native applications

Use Your Existing Centralized IAM Data Sources

Avoid costly overhauls by allowing your current IAM data sources to connect with new cloud-native applications and inform authorization policy.

Bridge the gap between IAM and app teams with fine-grained authorization.
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Getting Started

Set up your first entitlements system, and learn how you can test policy as code in the Entitlements Playground.

Configuring Snippets

Discover how Snippets are employed by Styra DAS to enforce policy as code in an Entitlements system.

Transform Datasources

Add a data source to your Entitlements system, and transform that data into information useful to OPA and Styra DAS.

Distribute Context-Rich Identity to Applications

How to Distribute Context-Rich Identity to Applications

Improve Time-to-Market

Seamlessly provide application teams a stateless, easy-to-run cloud-native entitlements service that can be deployed alongside their app.

Avoid Cost

Use existing centralized IAM systems, avoid costly overhauls and understand the impact a policy will have on the application.

Ensure Audit-Ready Authorization

Access pre-built policy packs that align to decision logs — the proof of authorization implementation is easy to find and export.


How does Styra DAS help legacy IAM teams?

Styra DAS makes it easy to integrate with legacy IAM systems in two key ways. (1) Styra DAS integrates directly with popular enterprise data sources and formats such as LDAP and SCIM, which makes it easy to ensure a consistent source of truth across your entire enterprise. (2) Styra DAS makes it simple to integrate OPA with both existing and new software, supporting a variety of different enforcement points, deployment models, and third-party API integrations.

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