Entitlement Explosion Repair

Using Policy as Code for smarter Access Control with Styra & PACLabs

John Brothers
Senior Consultant, PACLabs

For a long time, RBAC was the best tool in the box. But as the number of enterprise software applications has exponentially increased, the number of roles and entitlements has exploded like a soup bowl in the microwave. It’s left a sticky mess on the walls of enterprise Identity and Access Management (IAM). 

The complexity of seemingly simple adds, moves, and changes has gotten out of hand leaving your organization vulnerable. 

Policy as code is a new approach that gives you a way to clean up entitlements today, and gives you a strategic advantage to manage access control in a way that scales into the future. 

In this video, experts from Styra and PACLabs cover topics like: 

  • Navigating the challenges of implementing the principle of least privilege (PoLP)
  • Developing conceptual scopes to create concrete scopes.
  • Defining the principles and key characteristics of an enterprise-grade Policy.
  • Architecting your permissions structure to align with your real-world team structure.

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Entitlement Explosion Repair

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