Open Policy Agent Support

We are committed to making our customers successful through technical support that is tailored to OPA use cases.

Guidance From OPA Experts

See how we can help you deploy Open Policy Agent (OPA) through support, professional services and training led by the creators and maintainers of OPA. Our Support team is dedicated to providing knowledgeable and timely responses to support requests, as well as remote assistance.

Key Benefits

As the creators and maintainers of OPA, Styra brings expertise directly from the team that invented policy-as-code.

Rapid Policy Development

Native Rego policy development from teams who write policy every day.

Diagnosis and Resolution

Review and resolve technical issues as they arise while scaling Open Policy Agent.

Custom Integrations

Advisory services and custom integrations proven in enterprise production environments.

Best Practices Training

Team training and hands-on guidance from our Open Policy Agent experts to quickly learn best practices.

Featured Resources