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App AuthZ as a Service with native DynamoDb integration and global replication? Sweet!


Styra DAS provides the tools needed to make sure developers can complete their tasks with quality and efficiency – get a streamlined experience from idea to release.

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Manage OPA at Scale using Styra DAS

  • Define and manage policy-as-code as part of an established GitOps process
  • Validate the impact of policy changes before committing or deploying
  • Distribute policy across clusters, clouds and teams
  • Test policy in real-time to ensure your changes are functional out of the gate
  • Teams, no longer siloed, can share code across the stack

Work With Open Source Leaders

We know app developers are looking to keep it simple. So, we make authorization easy for your applications and the infrastructure they run on. 

Open Policy Agent, our open source project which was donated to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation(CNCF) in 2019, attained Graduated status in 2022 and allows devs the ability to plug in a policy engine anywhere in the cloud-native stack.

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