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Built on Open Source and trusted by cloud-native developers around the world, Open Policy Agent (OPA) is in the Graduated class of Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Projects.

Learn more about OPA along with your other favorite tools.


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Learn directly from the creators and maintainers of Open Policy Agent in the Styra Academy.

Learning a new coding paradigm can be challenging. Lucky for you, we have a comprehensive breakdown of Policy-as-Code with OPA.

Like to learn by example? Use these interactive modules to get hands-on with OPA in deployment scenarios.

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If you ❤️ Open Source like we do, take a look at these fully
 Open Source solutions using Open Policy Agent. 

Kubernetes Tutorial

Jumpstart your GitOps processes using OPA as your admission controller.

Terraform Tutorial

Infrastructure and resource management can be cumbersome. Use OPA to set guardrails and get things working as expected.

APIs Tutorial

Your APIs protect valuable information, secure them with OPA to make sure there are no backdoors or misconfigurations to leak data.

Now, Get Hands-on With Styra 


Level up your OPA performance, and take advantage of Enterprise OPA as a drop in OPA distribution built for data-heavy workloads.

Manage OPA Across Your Environment

Get started quickly and effectively with one of our point-and-click systems like, Kubernetes, Terraform, Istio, Envoy or go custom to build something specifically for you.



Styra DAS provides the tools needed to make sure developers can complete their tasks with quality and efficiency – get a streamlined experience from idea to release.

Getting Started

Review documentation for Styra Declarative Authorization Service (DAS).


Use Styra DAS APIs to increase the potential of your OPAs.


Walk through specific guides and get the most out of Styra DAS.

Release Notes

Learn about the latest updates and bugfixes.

Use Cases

Solve your latest challenge, we have several examples to share.


Understand how you can administer Styra DAS with ease.

Work With Open Source Leaders

We know app developers are looking to keep it simple. So, we make authorization easy for your applications and the infrastructure they run on. 

Open Policy Agent, our Open Source project which was donated to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation(CNCF) in 2019, attained Graduated status in 2022 and allows devs the ability to plug in a policy engine anywhere in the cloud-native stack.

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