Application Authorization

Plug-and-play authorization for modern applications, no need to build from scratch.

Decoupling Policy from Applications for Granular Authorization 

Modern applications built utilizing microservices have created an expanding cybersecurity challenge. The number of connections has grown by ten times or more, and the once-reliable gateway or firewall security checkpoint in front of a monolithic application no longer suffices. 

Also, application developers building authorization for customer-facing cloud native applications, and IAM teams working to bring entitlements into a cloud native era require a physically distributed but logically centralized authorization system. 

Policy as Code For Modern Applications

How to authorize modern applications with policy as code

Benefits Across the Stack

Secure Your Stack Once

Use policy as code to separate permissions from your technology choices to keep your teams on the leading edge without impacting security.

Remove Latency

Bring authorization decisions closer to enforcement points, and accelerate the migration of applications to the cloud.

Work Across Clouds and Containers

Standardize on authorization just like monitoring, logging, and deployment.

Securing Microservices Based Apps
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How to enforce security policies over client API requests for microservices

Policy Enforcement at the Gateway

Easily enforce security policies over client API requests for microservices while keeping performance and scalability intact.

Control communication between microservices with OPA and Styra DAS

Control Communication Between Microservices

Decouple authorization policy and decisions to secure users, APIs, and service meshes. Limit lateral movement and reduce the risk inherent in microservices without increased latency.

How to migrate apps with cloud native entitlements

Migrate Apps with
Cloud native Entitlements

Quickly and easily make existing entitlements data sources, including LDAP, AD, and SCIM accessible for applications migrated to the cloud.

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