Policy Guardrails for Kubernetes

Manage OPA at scale with context-based admission control across all Kubernetes clusters.

Secure Your Clusters with Policy as Code

Kubernetes is the industry standard for cloud-native container orchestration, and as such, pod and cluster security has become a critical component of any security strategy and architecture. 

See how Open Policy Agent and our policy-as-code approach enable DevOps and platform teams to secure their workloads and clusters, ensure compliance and accelerate Kubernetes deployments across the enterprise.

Use a context based admission controller to secure your Kubernetes system

Transform K8s security with context-based admission control

  • Modernize Your Security: Shift security left using a declarative model that works with Kubernetes admission control webhooks
  • Validation: Validate policy before enforcement to eliminate human error and accidental breakages
  • Observability: Visualize admission control decisions for easy communication
  • Easy Policy as Code: Use built-in libraries and clear GUI to implement policy as code
Use OPA for admission control in Kubernetes

Manage OPA for Kubernetes 

  • Author OPA policy and analyze impact on admission control
  • Mitigate risk and ensure consistency across K8s clusters
  • Ensure your clusters are secure and compliant
  • Provide transparency across teams 
  • Jumpstart deployments and ensure compliance with pre-built policy packs

Styra DAS + Kubernetes Hands-On Workshop

See how Styra DAS automatically implements and enforces policy guardrails for your Kubernetes clusters. The lessons learned will help you shift security left using a declarative model that works with Kubernetes admission control.

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