Styra Declarative Authorization Service

Unified policy management across the cloud-native stack.

Policy-based Access Management

The Styra Declarative Authorization Service (DAS), built on top of the open-source project Open Policy Agent (OPA), provides authorization through policy management across the cloud-native ecosystem. Styra DAS allows least-privilege access through APIs, identities, systems and services for context-rich authorization.

Enterprise-ready Authorization

Styra DAS was designed and built to allow developers, DevOps and platform teams to focus on making their apps work better, and more securely, by focusing on OPA policy itself and not the operational nuances of deployment.

Give developers the freedom to solve the crucially differentiated problems (and make better apps).

Enable Developers

Create efficiency for engineering teams with resource allocations and for those working to deploy authorization in their applications.

Manage Policy

Manage policy lifecycle and governance across teams and deliver fine-grained access control.

Reduce Risk

Start with pre-built policies mapped to PCI, MITRE ATT&CK for cloud, and CIS benchmarks. Enable security, audit and compliance teams to engage as needed.

Benefits of Styra DAS 

Fine-grained Access Control

RBAC, ABAC or detailed home-grown entitlements cannot achieve the deep authorization needed. Context-rich authorization through policy is required for today’s security strategies.

Policy Impact Analysis

Shift left and see a policy impact analysis in CI/CD pipelines so developer teams can see violations early.  The same policies that trip up your teams can now be used to validate before committing and deploying.

Simplified Authoring & Collaboration

Keep up policy integrity and consistency across teams, clusters and clouds in a control plane designed to allow various teams to engage in a GUI that works for them.

Decision Logs and Compliance Monitoring

Understand the health of your OPAs and monitor for connection, upgrades and maintenance. Replay decision logs to help security teams easily triage old policy decisions.

Policy Lifecycle Management

Manage policy as code from your GitOps process, through deployment, and into clusters and clouds. Then monitor and update in real-time.

Enterprise Governance

Production-ready OPA requires policy management, updates, distribution, monitoring and more.

Why Styra DAS?

Styra DAS allows you to use one language for expressing policy to manage policy across a broad spectrum of software systems including Kubernetes, microservices, gateway, public cloud, Linux, custom applications and databases.  It is the world’s only enterprise-grade authorization platform designed specifically for OPA that includes authoring, testing, impact analysis, distribution, monitoring for policy as well as decision logging.

How OPA Changed the Possibilities

The creation of OPA delivered a new opportunity to unify policy enforcement, and offers advanced decision-making.  The general-purpose policy engine provides users a high-level declarative language that easily defines policy as code and has APIs that remove policy decision-making from software.  By decoupling policy decisions and enforcement, policy-as-code can be managed across systems.

OPA and Rego set a universal standard for policy and authorization in the cloud and have set a standard in the industry with over 130 million downloads and counting.

Modernizing Software Delivery

See how Capital One scaled OPA in a secure, flexible and highly efficient environment.

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