Enterprise OPA

Faster to set up, faster to make decisions.
Built by the OPA experts. 

If you love the Open Policy Agent (OPA), you’ll love Enterprise OPA. Built by the creators and maintainers of OPA, we’ve added enterprise-grade features to get you into production quickly and easily.

Enterprise OPA has all the benefits of OPA and more:

  • Datasource integrations: Connect quickly to your KafkaOkta, LDAPS3 to get your access control data without needing to write or manage your own plugins.
  • SQL support: Easily implement ABAC or RBAC with data from MySQL or PostgresQL compatible databases.
  • Secrets manager integration: Connect to HashiCorp Vault to securely access external APIs.
  • Logging integrations: Send your authorization decision logs to SplunkKafka, and S3.
  • Live impact analysis: Check to see if your new policies impact production before they are merged.
  • Lower costs: Use cheaper cloud infrastructure because Enterprise OPA uses 10x less memory and 40% less CPU than OPA.

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