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Meet the Speakers

Presented by

Jeff Broberg

Director, Product management at Styra

Anders Eknert

Developer Advocate at Styra

As we all have experienced, security begins with identity management, but when scaling to cloud-native development models it can be darn near impossible to cobble together a homegrown solution that maintains architectural integrity and allows for both your data sources (LDAP, AAD, SCIM, etc.) and entitlements to shine.

We’ve found a way! Styra Declarative Authorization (DAS) for Cloud-Native Entitlements, with the foundation of Open Policy Agent (OPA) enables IAM and application teams to ingest the rich context of existing data sources like LDAP, AAD, etc., apply authorization policy for guardrails and then enforce authorization decisions across bespoke deployment models.

Cool, right?!

In this webinar, IAM luminary and Styra Product Manager, Jeff Broberg will walk through:

  • How you can use your existing data (IAM solution) and your rules and that you can replicate to as many clouds, continents, regions, availability zones as you need.
  • Where you can create and manage centralized policy authoring, data management and decision logs without sacrificing physically distributed enforcement.
  • How to run an instance of the entitlements service as close to the applications that need them as you like and rest assured that the distributed policies/data will be kept up-to-date.
  • How to understand the impact of a policy or data change long before you deploy it.

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