Styra Accelerates Cloud Migration with Cloud-Native Entitlements

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I’m excited to announce that today we’ve unleashed Styra Declarative Authorization Service (DAS) for Cloud-Native Entitlements

Organizations are rapidly modernizing and migrating applications to the cloud, but they are often held back by legacy entitlement systems that are not compatible with today’s scale and sprawl of cloud-native development models. Firmly anchored to on-premises technology (LDAP, AD, SCIM, etc), these legacy systems create a single-point-of-failure for applications – a clear anti-pattern for cloud applications and a non-starter for organizations working to ensure business continuity.

As enterprise companies continue their digital transformations with cloud-native technologies, they are looking for pragmatic approaches to achieve their goals. The transition from primarily on-premise infrastructure to the cloud has proven to be valuable during digital transformation, but it comes with its own challenges and opportunities. For instance, Identity and Access Management (IAM) teams are tasked with the challenge of shepherding the transition to the cloud for many of the traditional IAM solutions, providing integration between various internal and external systems, and focusing on the authentication of users into the corporation’s resources.

While authentication technologies are now mature and broadly used by development teams, authorization is still a manual process which continues to be built into each application. So, It’s no surprise then that engineering teams are looking for a way to easily include fine-grained access control in their applications like they have for infrastructure.

Styra is the first and only organization to provide an out-of-the-box solution for enterprise environments that are built on the Open Policy Agent (OPA), ensuring production-grade management capabilities built atop proven, industry-standard policy technology. With Styra DAS for Cloud-Native Entitlements, IAM teams can now take full advantage of existing systems-of-record while providing developer teams what they need—cloud-native, context-rich authorization, replicated across clouds, regions, availability zones, and clusters. Additionally, application teams can easily configure policy and move authorization closer to non-engineering folks (like IAM), accelerating time to deployment.

Screen Shot 2022-02-18 at 3.01.39 PMWith Cloud-Native Entitlements for Styra DAS, IAM and application teams now have a solution built by developers for developers.

With integrations to existing tools like git, prometheus, Kubernetes, S3, Datadog and Slack, teams can now benefit from:

  • Policy management lifecycle – Styra DAS provides policy-lifecycle management capabilities including, authoring policy, testing, deploying and monitoring, designed specifically to manage OPA and OPA policies throughout their entire lifecycle. Different policy-authoring interfaces enable different personas to write policies and help others in the organization write policies as well.

  • Data management – Entitlements typically rely on data that come from one or more systems of record that are often tier0 services like LDAP or AD.  Synchronizing this data with Styra DAS is all that is required for Styra DAS to then carefully distribute the relevant data to the OPAs that need it via encrypted channels and keep those OPAs up to date as the systems of record change.   

  • Enterprise-grade governance – Often Entitlements are the responsibility of multiple stakeholders throughout the organization. Governance ensures there are proper controls over who can change policies, when they can be deployed, what tests must pass, and what impact threshold must be met before release.

Styra DAS for Cloud-Native Entitlements allows organizations to extend existing systems-of-record for IAM to modern cloud-native applications, making it easy to ingest data sources, apply authorization as policy, and then enforce authorization decisions across bespoke deployment models.

Ready to learn more?  Watch this webinar to learn how your organization can decouple rules, regulations, and policies from an application and leverage existing data sources with Styra DAS for Cloud-Native Entitlements.

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