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Accelerate Your Cloud Migration with Context-Rich Entitlements
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Unified Authz for IAM & App Teams

When organizations build modern applications or migrate to the cloud, they face entitlement systems that impede the process. Styra DAS for Cloud-Native Entitlements makes moving to the cloud easier and faster by using existing centralized Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems.

The first of its kind, our cloud-native entitlement capabilities enable IAM teams to take advantage of existing data sources while adding context-rich cloud-native authorization and the speed and agility policy-as-code provides.

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Using Styra DAS, teams can:


Improve Time-to-Market

Seamlessly provide application teams a stateless, easy-to-run cloud-native entitlements service that can be deployed alongside their app.



Use existing centralized IAM systems, avoid costly overhauls and understand the impact a policy will have on the application.


Ensure Audit-Ready Authorization

Access to pre-built policy packs that align to clear decision logs — the proof of authorization implementation is clear and exportable.


Distributing Context-Rich Identity to the Cloud-Native Stack

Share context and up-level policy across multiple points of authorization so you can accelerate digital transformation and modern application development.

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Streamline Your Application Development Process

Decouple rules, regulations and policies from an application and use existing data sources to speed up the time it takes to launch applications.

Styra DAS for Cloud-Native Entitlements allows for better collaboration across IAM and applications teams by using existing centralized IAM data sources and gives you a seamless and simplified way to move applications to the cloud while keeping your authorization strategy intact.


Use Your Existing Centralized IAM Solutions

Avoid costly overhauls by allowing your current IAM data sources to connect with new cloud-native applications and inform authorization policy.

Styra DAS for Cloud-Native Entitlements extends the traditional OPA JSON in and out paradigm, to include enterprise grade data sources such as (LDAP, AD, AAD, OKTA, OAPI3, SCIM, HTTP, and more).

Enjoy Audit-Ready Authorization

Make it easy to meet audit requirements with policy-as-code and comprehensive authorization logs, even when auditors, security, or compliance teams aren't coders.

IAM and App teams can use out-of-the-box policy packs aligned to regulatory compliance standards, ensuring compliance and audit reporting.

Manage OPA for Cloud-Native Entitlements

Help your organization bridge the gap between IAM and app teams with our policy-as-code solution.

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Learn how to accelerate time-to-market while ensuring compliance with policy-as-code.

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