Key Challenges in Scaling Up OPA for Enterprise

Styra DAS vs. DIY OPA

In today’s digital world, enterprises are driven to the cloud in order to improve scalability, increase efficiency and reduce overhead costs. With that, teams are required to write their own authorization subsystem, including writing their own data storage/retrieval subsystem. While these DIY solutions to authorization are useful, they are no longer flexible enough nor powerful enough to keep up with the demands of cloud scalability. 

With more and more users, requests, microservices, and more moving through one’s infrastructure, there comes a need for unified authorization across every layer of the cloud-native stack. Styra created Open Policy Agent (OPA), a tool used to help enterprises shift to the cloud and manage in a unified way across the entire stack.

Read this whitepaper as we dive deep on:

  • Requirements to deploy OPA at scale 
  • What impact policies will have on your current software systems
  • How to deploy, configure, and harden your OPA configuration