Styra DAS with OPA and Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Accelerate secure, automated infrastructure deployments with fine-grained,
policy-as-code authorization built for the cloud-native tech stack.

Enterprise organizations are aggressively adopting cloud-native technologies in pursuit of greater business agility and efficiency. However, accelerating time-to-market with new microservices-based applications and the environments they run in shouldn’t come at the expense of security and compliance, which depend significantly on getting authorization right throughout the cloud-native stack.

Together, Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform and Styra Declarative Authorization Service (DAS) with Open Policy Agent (OPA) are a best-in-class solution for automating infrastructure deployments with the right guardrails in place to ensure secure operation and regulatory compliance. This joint solution:

  • Works with any Infrastructure-as-Code stack.
  • Allows developers to pretest code before submitting it into a repository, thereby validating the code without moving it offsite.
  • Provides the ability to check existing environments, or mitigate environments to align new or updated policies.
  • Automatically generates playbooks to fix non-compliance, or even adjust code to maintain compliance.
  • Provides a central management and workflow engine to develop and deploy the policies, and also takes steps based on the IaC alignment to the policies.
  • Uses the Ansible Automation Platform role-based access control (RBAC) capabilities to easily assign the right tasks to the right roles.

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform is Red Hat’s enterprise IT automation solution that includes everything needed to build, deploy, and manage end-to-end automation at scale. Built on a powerful, agentless framework, Ansible Automation Platform is engineered to help organizations create, manage, and scale their automation workloads. It offers a flexible, stable, and security-focused foundation for deploying end-to-end automation solutions—from IT processes, to hybrid cloud, to edge locations.

Styra DAS: End-to-end Policy Lifecycle Management for Infrastructure Deployments

Styra DAS allows platform engineers and cloud administrators to secure their workloads and clusters deployed with Ansible Automation Platform. Based on OPA, the industry’s leading open source policy engine, Styra DAS dramatically simplifies policy implementation and management for infrastructure deployments by providing:

Best-in-Class Corporate-Scale Policy Authoring Tools
Streamline policy implementation using the industry’s broadest library of pre-built policies for Kubernetes and Terraform, compliance Policy Packs and an intuitive GUI.

Assessable Policy Validity and Robustness
Perform impact analysis before policy enforcement to eliminate human error and prevent operational issues.

Clear Observability
Visualize and audit Kubernetes admission control decisions for easy communication and transparency.