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Styra Declarative Authorization Service (Styra DAS)

The fastest and easiest way to operationalize Open Policy Agent across Kubernetes, Microservices, Public Cloud, or Custom APIs —whether you're a developer, an admin, or a bit of both.

  • Need to limit which folks can access your pipeline, based on who is currently on call? Simple.
  • Want to define which microservices can access PCI data? We got you.
  • Have to prove compliance with regulations across your clusters? No sweat.

Built on open-source, and declarative by design, Styra Declarative Authorization Service gives you a turnkey OPA control plane to mitigate risk, reduce human error, and accelerate development.

Take the Hassle out of Authorization


Author Policy

A built-in library of policies - Built on our OPA project let you implement and customize authorization policy-as-code


Validate Rules

Pre-running lets you monitor and validate policy changes before committing, to mitigate risk before deployment


Enforce Early

Declarative model defines desired state to prevent security drift and eliminate errors - before they can occur


See Results

Graphical trends over time to prove security and compliance to auditors, security teams, and business leaders

Minimize Risk and Accelerate Development


Security & Compliance

You build and maintain an approved image registry, base OS/distros, compliance and audit rules, and more.

Styra ensures your best practices are actually in use across the cloud infrastructure and microservices to minimize threat surface and mitigate risk.



You make sure your platform is available, reliable, and ready to ship new code.

Styra gives you a single control plane to build, test, distribute and monitor authorization policy for cloud configuration, Kubernetes clusters, and the microservices that run within them.



You focus on what you do best - creating new features and optimizing code.

Styra offloads undifferentiated work, and minimizes the risk of human error by eliminating compliance overhead with unified policy that’s simple to understand, test, debug, and extend.

Policy-As-Code, Proven at Scale

Declarative by design

Manually “doing security” in today’s cloud-native environments is like a never-ending game of whack-a-mole. Styra works with cloud-native APIs to define, enforce and monitor policy rules before runtime.

Define what's right, then let the APIs work.

Dynamic rules for dynamic environments

Simply put, Styra takes in business context, and outputs security decisions across cloud, Kubernetes, and app code. Build policy-as-code directly via CLI, or with a simple point-and-click editor, and validate security before committing.

Eliminate hard-coding policy into software.

Portable, powerful policy

Styra allows you to define policy once, then enforce wherever necessary. No more best-effort security, no more policy silos.

Built on Open Policy Agent, enforcement is accurate, fast, and simple.

One and done? Yup. Done.

We Created OPA - You Made it the Best

OPA is the new standard for authorization, proven with over a million downloads a week, and in place in literally the largest cloud-native deployments on the planet.  We couldn’t be prouder of the community of folks who have taken our idea of unified authorization, and built the integrations, implementation, and enhancements that have made it the de facto standard for authz everywhere.

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