Introducing the Styra DAS Terraform Provider

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Gartner projects that by 2026, 80% of software engineering organizations will have established platform engineering teams. The vision of platform engineering is ambitious: to empower developers with all the flexibility they need while minimizing complexity. This approach has already transformed infrastructure, deployment, data analytics, encryption management, authentication, and more.

Engineering organizations are increasingly applying the same platform engineering model to authorization. This model allows developers to define and enforce application permissions in a clear, consistent, portable, and auditable way. Styra’s Enterprise OPA Platform has become a platform of choice for identity and access engineering teams looking to streamline authorization across the organization while fulfilling the needs of diverse developers and stakeholders.

See how Zalando’s identity and access engineers unified application authorization and IGA using Styra’s Enterprise OPA Platform to satisfy both developers and auditors.

Building on our success with the Enterprise OPA Platform and Open Policy Agent, Styra is taking another step to empower developers. As an official partner of HashiCorp, we now enable the provisioning and managing of the authorization platform itself as Terraform resources, reducing friction and increasing control.

Configuring the authorization platform with Terraform offers several advantages:

  • Auditability: Version control and change logs make it easy to audit the authorization platform configuration at any point in time.
  • Seamless Onboarding: Provisioning and configuring new platform resources for new applications can be automated easily.
  • Automated Compliance: Configurations can be put through automated checks to make sure the authorization platform complies with security and operational standards. 
  • Environment Management: The authorization platform can be managed as part of dynamic or ephemeral environments for testing, staging, and disaster recovery.

To ensure first-class support, we’ve partnered with Speakeasy to generate our Terraform provider. Generating the provider code automatically helps us deliver the latest features and the most consistent experience,  giving our users the best tools for managing application authorization as well as the authorization platform.

To get started, get the Styra provider from the Terraform Registry with official support from Styra!

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