Join us at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU!

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The time is upon us. That’s right — for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU! We could not be more excited to join OPA users and the cloud-native community in Amsterdam. With that in mind, let’s talk about everything going on with Styra so you can join in on all the fun. 

Where to find us

Come see us at booth #G15 in the main solution showcase room. We’ll have loads of Styra swag, prizes, and more. Ask us how policy as code can help you secure Kubernetes, advance your cloud-native journey, and, especially, about our newest product, Enterprise OPA, the Enterprise OPA.

Plus, make sure to say hello to our OPA friends and maintainers in the Product Pavillion, located at the OPA Kiost #3. 

Our Swag

We are particularly fond of our KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU shirt this year — come grab yours while supplies last! This clever bit of Rego can help you ride your bicycle (omafiets) safely around Amsterdam — helping you avoid 1) falling into a canal 2) bumping into a tourist 3) getting stuck in a tram track, and 4) crashing at all. We’re assuming, here, that inputting Rego into your CLI is alone sufficient to keep you safe on a bike — why would it not be? — but your mileage may actually vary. Stay safe out there! 

Plus… Viking stickers. Lots and lots of Viking stickers. 

Our Sessions

All week, there will be plenty of opportunities to engage with the Styra team and OPA maintainers to advance your journey with policy as code and OPA. Make sure to register for OPA meetup on Tuesday at the Miro offices (as of writing, there are just four spots remaining)! 

Here are our talks and sessions:

Policies for the People: an OPA Amsterdam Meetup

TUE, APR 18 · 6:00 PM CEST 

Speakers: Peter, Brindisi, Staff Engineer, Miro, Anders Byskov Stigoard, Sr. Software Developer, Bankdata, Tim Hinrichs, Co-Founder of OPA, CTO of Styra

Hear from Peter Brindisi, Staff Engineer from Miro, and Bankdata’s Anders Byskov Stigoard, Sr. Software Developer at this OPA community Meetup. Whether you’re attending the co-located events, or looking to beat the jet lag, Policies for the People is the place for you!

This free event is for OPA enthusiasts to stay up to date on the latest trends, and for new policy people to get introduced to the community. This is your chance to dive into Policy-as-Code with folks who are solving real-world problems with OPA! 

Plus, we’ll auction off a pair of AirPods Pro during the social hour! 

Cloud Native Wasm Day
Scratching an Itch: Running Policy in Hard to Reach Places with WASM & OPA

TUESDAY, APRIL 18 | 13:45 – 14:10 CEST | 

Speaker: Charlie Egan, Developer Advocate, Styra

Synopsis: It’s 2023 and we’re at the point where we can run Wasm almost anywhere. Crucially, Wasm can be run in some places where others can’t follow. This makes Wasm an important tool if we want to standardize logic. We want to standardize the enforcement of business rules across the stack – from servers to smartphones. What if we could use the same language everywhere, new logic could be pushed out from a central location and we could deliver feedback to users immediately? We can achieve this using Wasm and Rego – the policy language of The Open Policy Agent project. Wasm is at home in many different environments, in this demo, we will show a proof of concept where we compile business rules in Rego into Wasm modules suitable for distribution to every policy decision point in our stack.

The CNCF Board Game Rules Explained 

TUESDAY, APRIL 18  |  17:55 – 18:00 CEST  |  AUDITORIUM

Speaker: Peter O’Neill, OPA Community Advocate, Styra

Synopsis: Let’s abstract the world of the CNCF and reimagine it as an RPG board game. You will encounter level 99 developers, speakers, and content creators. Don’t fear; these are not your enemies, but rather a living example showing what it takes to reach the same level. Being level 1 at anything is hard, but you can quickly gain experience and level up with a simple shift in how you’re already working.

The Compliance Business Case for Kubernetes in the EU: Get Ready for EUCS 

THURSDAY, APRIL 20  |  15:25 – 16:00 CEST |  AUDITORIUM CENTER, G104-105

Speaker: Anders Eknert, Developer Advocate, Styra

Synopsis: This session will help users to plan for, enforce and audit EUCS requirements in a Kubernetes cluster using Open Policy Agent (OPA) and other CNCF tools.

ContribFest: OPA – Help Us Build the Full Stack Policy Landscape

FRIDAY, APRIL 21  |  11:00 – 12:30  |  AUDITORIUM CENTER, G102

Speakers: Rita Zhang, Principle Software Engineer, Microsoft, Charlie Egan, Developer Advocate, Styra, & John Reese Infrastructure Security Engineer,Yubico.

Synopsis: ContribFest is for those interested in taking the first step to contributing to the OPA project with maintainers onsite to help them do so.

Open Policy Agent Intro & Deep Dive 

FRIDAY, APRIL 21  |  14:55 – 15:30  CEST |  FORUM CENTER, E107-108

Speaker: Charlie Egan, Developer Advocate, Styra

Synopsis: OPA maintainers will introduce the project for newcomers and provide updates on the latest and greatest features landing in OPA.

Try OPA for Enterprise

We mentioned it above, but this KubeCon is an excellent chance to spin the wheels on Enterprise OPA, our enterprise distribution of OPA. Today, Enterprise OPA provides significant performance improvements over standard OPA, and includes native data integrations for Okta, Git, and Kafka, as well as policy impact analysis before deployment. Our aim is to make Enterprise OPA the best, most valuable tool it can be for the OPA community — meaning that community feedback at this juncture is hugely welcomed and valued, as we continue to iterate rapidly to build more features and functionality to make our users successful. 

One more thing…

Stay tuned for a big announcement from us Tuesday morning! We could not be more excited to continue on this cloud-native journey together. See you all in Amsterdam! 

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