Learn OPA Policy with Guided Examples in Styra Academy

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For many OPA users, they find it best to learn by example. That’s why we’re introducing a new Styra Academy Course, “OPA by Example!” For users that want to deepen their policy and Rego knowledge or better operationalize Open Policy Agent (OPA), this free course provides real-world examples to help you on your way.

With hands-on walkthroughs and examples for OPA policy basics, rule iterations, collections, functions and more, the OPA by Example course is designed as a reference point for users building their own policy as code. As such, whether you’re fresh to Rego or building on an existing deployment, this course can serve as a useful touchpoint; not only are there sample OPA policies, but you can customize them for your own use cases — helping you get the most out of OPA and sharpen your skills.

What Rego examples can I expect to see?

This course is built for developers who are well-versed in learning new programming languages. Often, these types of users benefit more from visual, executable examples than from highly technical documentation — and this course speaks to that need. In this Styra Academy course, you are guided through a short foundation-setting module that gets every user up to the same standard of knowledge. From there, you can access executable Rego playground examples to see OPA policies in action. 

Whether you need inspiration for a new policy — perhaps RBAC or ABAC policies for your microservices application or guardrails for your Kubernetes deployment — or simply need a push in the right direction, this course will help you on your authorization journey.

Be sure to check out our other courses on Styra Academy, too, including “OPA Policy Authoring” and “Microservice Authorization.” Stay tuned for more upcoming content — we regularly update and add new courses to help you get started with OPA, faster!


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