OPA + Styra DAS Free Up Time and Resources for a CRM Solution

3 min read

Let’s say you were going to plan a security project. (Almost any project, really.)  The following might be a pretty solid list of goals to aim for: 

  1. Fewer security gaps.
  2. Reduced app downtime.
  3. Elimination of load balancer costs and risks.
  4. Less opportunity for human error.
  5. Minimization of manual remediation efforts.

That’s a pretty solid list – and might even read like “too much to ask for.”  Yet, it’s exactly what SugarCRM received after deploying Styra DAS to manage Open Policy Agent (OPA) for Kubernetes guardrails. Together, Styra DAS and OPA delivered infrastructure security and compliance controls that work with SugarCRM’s modern, software-defined systems and can be tracked over time to prove compliance.

The customer already had a great platform team—but they were bogged down in manual reviews, and lots of one-off remediation due to upstream human error. Now that they’ve got automated guardrails in place, and have shifted compliance and security left, the platform team has the time to innovate and provide better, more available, more secure tools for their developers to build upon.

To learn exactly how Styra DAS and OPA made the difference for SugarCRM, plus what the company says about the outcome, download the full case study here.


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