Securing Your Cloud-native Apps with Styra & Kong

How to control traffic flow to, from and between microservices

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Meet the Speakers

Tim Hinrichs

CTO and Co-founder at Styra

Marco Palladino

CTO and Co-founder at Kong Inc

In this webinar, Tim and Marco walk you through turnkey solutions for deploying OPA and Kong Mesh that can help your organization secure modern cloud-native applications with dynamic, policy-enabled traffic control for microservices. Learn how to:

  • Reduce operational overhead with automated policy-as-code, based control of multiple service meshes
  • Govern, monitor and audit traffic flow and policy decisions for real-time verification of performance and risk
  • Increase application reliability with policy-based traffic management
  • Manage microservices policy lifecycle from initial authoring all the way through deployment and monitoring
  • Rapidly implement leading open-source solutions OPA and Kong Mesh at global scale

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