Standardize Authz for your AWS Apps with Kubernetes Admission Control

AWS users building new applications need to focus on addressing the 3 key pillars of security: authentication, authorization and audit.

Authorization can be a particularly difficult pain point. However, using OPA and Styra DAS, teams can implement a standard architecture and framework for enforcing authorization across their distributed applications, with centralized policy management — thus solving one of the most crucial concerns in the modern cloud.

In this webinar, learn how Styra automatically implements and enforces policy guardrails for your Kubernetes clusters, reducing risk and human error when setting up authorization policies. We will walk through how to use predefined Kubernetes admission control rules and compliance packs to prevent users from creating conflicting inbound entry point ingresses for a system.

Join Styra for a 45-minute discussion detailing how you can:

  • Use context-based admission control policy to mitigate risk and accelerate Kubernetes deployments
  • Validate policy before enforcement to eliminate human error and accidental breakages
  • Utilize turnkey policies to quickly implement policy-as-code
  • Use DAS to view current compliance issues within your Kubernetes clusters

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