HashiCorp + Styra

Enforce Terraform Cloud Guardrails

Styra + Terraform Cloud

HashiCorp is the leader in multi-cloud infrastructure automation software. With Terraform Cloud, enterprises can easily provision, change and version resources in any cloud environment. 

Together, Styra and HashiCorp empower enterprises to enforce fine-grained policy guardrails against changes to their cloud infrastructure. With context-based policy for security, compliance, productivity and operations, Styra DAS provides Terraform Cloud customers with a single source of truth for policy through a unified authorization platform.

Enforce OPA policies at deploy time

Styra Declarative Authorization Service (DAS) uses Terraform Cloud Run Tasks to easily integrate Open Policy Agent (OPA) policies at deploy time to enforce compliance, security, and productivity policies against resource changes in Terraform plans. 

This integration ensures that any changes deployed via Terraform Cloud must pass policy checks — eliminating the risk of deploying unenforced workflows. 

Take advantage of a pre-built libraries and policy packs  — or easily create new policies with the Styra DAS visual policy editor and Rego, the OPA policy language. With this integration, you flexibly apply any type of rule on Terraform plans or user actions across any number Terraform workspaces, from a single platform.

Use Cases for Styra DAS and Terraform Cloud

  • Automatically approve run-of-the-mill Terraform changes to reduce the burden of code review
  • Create policies to manage what, when and by whom Terraform changes can be applied
  • Use policy previews and decision replays to quickly iterate on policies using previous Terraform Cloud run plans

Example Policies

  • Prevent containers from running in privileged mode
  • Prevent resource deployments that exceed budgets
  • Prevent specific user groups from modifying production resources
  • Enforce cloud resource encryption default

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