Hands-on Workshop

Addressing Authz for Microservices Applications

Address authorization with policy-enabled control for microservices architectures in our Styra DAS Free hands-on workshop.

October 20th | 10:00am PT | 1:00pm ET

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Big picture, you’ll get a first hand look at how teams that are moving to microservices architectures can now address authorization with policy-enabled control for microservices – without changing the services themselves. 

In this workshop you will see how Kuma service mesh and Open Policy Agent (OPA) work together to provide fine-grained API authorization for microservice applications and experience a decoupled and decentralized authorization architecture which integrates with microservices without modification. Join our expert Styra Solutions Architect, for a one-hour, guided workshop where you will set-up and enforce API authorization policies for a sample application.  Plus, we will also cover the authoring, testing and deployment of authorization policies using Styra DAS Free, a control plane for OPA from the founders and maintainers of OPA.

Now for the Details: 

In this interactive one-hour learning session, we’ll walk you through the Styra DAS Kuma Quickstart Tutorial so you can:

  • Manage the ingress and egress application traffic permitted by OPA policy in the Kuma service mesh. 
  • Run the provided sample application in conjunction with OPA and Kuma
  • See how authorization policies enforce access to the application – as soon as the new      policies or edits are committed
  • Test and validate the policies before they are committed and enforced
  • Manage microservices authorization policy lifecycle from initial authoring through deployment and monitoring

Prerequisites & Technical Requirements:

  • Have Kuma 1.3.0 or later installed on Kubernetes cluster 1.14 or later
  • It is recommended to you use minikube version v1.0+ with Kubernetes 1.14 and install Kuma
  • Sign up for Styra DAS Free


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