Learn how Styra's Declarative Authorization Service and Open Policy Agent project reduce operational, security, and compliance risk with cloud-native authorization
Ebook: OPA at Scale

Learn about the key drivers for managing policy and authorization at scale across the cloud-native stack.

Customer Case Study: Capital One

Learn how Capital One drives the highest levels of efficiency and compliance from their development teams

Customer Case Study: SugarCRM

How SugarCRM leverages OPA to save valuable time and resources

Styra White Paper

Why RBAC is Not Enough for K8s Intent-based APIs

OPA Summit 2019: Pinterest

Open Policy Agent: Policy authoring and distribution at Pinterest

Styra White Paper

Kubernetes Security and Compliance via Admission Control

TGI Kubernetes 071: OPA

Joe Beda's explores Open Policy Agent live on TGI Kubernetes 

Styra Datasheet

Declarative Authorization Service to Secure Microservices

OPA Summit 2019: Atlassian

Open Policy Agent: Authorization for Fluentd, S3, CDNs, and more

OPA Summit 2019: Chef

Open Policy Agent: Providing granular authorization within applications

OPA Summit 2019: Jimmy Ray

Open Policy Agent: Policy-enabled Kubernetes and CICD

Styra Datasheet

Declarative Authorization Service for Kubernetes Policy Guardrails

OPA Summit 2019: TripAdvisor

Open Policy Agent: Building a testing framework for integrating OPA and K8s

AWS RE:inforce - OPA Guardrails

Architecting Security through Policy Guardrails in Amazon EKS 


KubeCon Barcelona 2019

Open Policy Agent: Compliance-as-code for ABN AMRO bank

KubeCon Seattle 2018

OPA Overview: Capital One and Intuit


KubeCon Seattle 2018

OPA Deep Dive: Torin Sandall


KubeCon Europe 2018

OPA Deep Dive: Tim Hinrichs & Torin Sandall

KubeCon North America 2017

Netflix and OPA | Video


KubeCon North America 2017

Netflix and OPA | SlideShare