Styra Load

An OPA distribution built for data at enterprise scale.

Better, Faster Authorization

Better authorization means more data, yet data-heavy authorization can increase cloud costs and complexity. Styra Load achieves 10x memory and 40% CPU throughput improvements for data-heavy authorization. Connect directly to your existing data sources and use live Impact Analysis to minimize authorization risk. 

Want to learn how Styra Load changes the game with large data sets?

Embrace Large Data Sets for AuthZ

Your enterprise authorization journey brings more data, and with more data comes more problems: CPU and memory footprints balloon, traffic increases, latency grows and suddenly you’re building custom code and complex HTTP workarounds to combat it. Styra Load solves this data problem by moving authorization closer to your sources of truth.

Reduce Infrastructure Costs

Benefit from 10X reduction in memory and 40% increase in CPU throughput at the policy decision point, which translates to smaller cloud instances and more efficient operations.

Faster Time-to-Production

Using Styra Load out-of-the-box datasource integrations allows teams to reduce development costs and get into production quickly.

Minimize Enterprise Risk

Use the industry’s only live Impact Analysis tool to validate policies before deployment, shrinking deployment failure and costly security issues.

How to Use Styra Load 

Lean into data-heavy use cases.

Fine-grained Access Control

Make better ABAC decisions by leveraging more contextual data, such as additional fields from an IAM data source, user location data, user risk scores, machine types or any other custom attributes.

Continuous Event Streaming

Send more data to Styra Load close to real-time using tools like Kafka. With greater local memory available. This means that your authorization engine always has the fullest, most accurate data picture possible at scale.

Enterprise Entitlements

Identity and Access Management (IAM) teams can easily use existing data sources like Okta or any LDAP tool to extend context-rich identity to policy decisions in your applications. This improves time-to-market, and enables better AuthZ decisions with larger data sets.

Speed time-to-production and minimize risk.

Policy Impact Analysis

Using the industry’s only Impact Analysis tool, Styra Load helps you minimize risk by comparing new policies against live production decisions. Any discrepancies between old and new policies that might impact production are caught before the change ever goes live.

No Data Source Integration Management

Connect to the Styra-supported data sources you already use, without the need to perform any discovery or write and maintain custom data source integrations. Styra Load data sources include: Kafka, HTTP, Okta, Git, S3, GCS, LDAP.

No Workarounds For Your Policy Tech Stack

Even for full-stack integrations, simply send data directly to Styra Load and eliminate the need to create complex HTTP facades to fetch data across services or the requirement that data be sent with policy requests using customer service coding.

Reduce Your Memory Footprint

Styra Load lets you build smaller — dramatically so. Visualize the difference in memory between Styra Load and standard deployments on a typical EC2 instance when using 1.6GB of data on disc. 

From OPA to Styra Load

Styra created and maintains open-source the Open Policy Agent (OPA), and we now offer an enterprise-hardened OPA distribution that is backed by Styra expertise and customer support. As a drop-in replacement for OPA, Styra Load plugs directly into your architecture without any additional learning curve for policy implementers. It comes with out-of-the-box datasource integrations so you can quickly connect to your sources of truth and get to answering production authorization requests.

OPA and Rego set a universal standard for policy and authorization in the cloud and have set a standard in the industry with over 130 million downloads and counting.

Modernizing Software Delivery

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